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How Make A Bio Page With

1. Sign Up/Log In:

— Visit and sign up for an account if you don’t have one. If you already have an account, log in.


Google Sign Up

Quick Sign up using Google is also available.

2. Access Your Dashboard:

—After logging in, you’ll be directed to your dashboard. Link.

3. Create a Bio Link Page:

— In your dashboard, click on the option to “BIO Page”. And then click on “Create Bio”.

4. Customize Your Bio Link Page:

— After clicking on the Create Bio Button, a popup will appear. Here’s what you can customize:

Profile Name: Enter your name or the name you want to display on your bio link page. (A unquie profile name is recommended to standout of the rest)
Bio Link URL(Alisa): Customize the URL where your bio page will be accessible (e.g.,

If you leave field empty it will generate some random alisa.

After creating the a bio page name and url you will be redirect to a new page where you customize everything. Now you can upload your image.

5. Add Content and Links: Customize Your Bio Link Page

— Start adding content to your bio link page. You can typically add the following elements:

  1. Tagline: Make a memorable first impression by adding a tagline under your profile name. Set the tone and capture attention instantly.
  2. Heading: Create visual hierarchy and emphasize key points with headings of varying sizes. Guide your audience through your content effortlessly.
  3. Text: Dive deeper into your story or provide detailed information with a text body. Engage your audience with informative and well-structured content.
  4. Divider: Organize your content effectively by separating sections with sleek, customizable dividers. Enhance readability and aesthetics.
  5. Link: Drive action with trackable buttons that lead to specific URLs. Monitor click-through rates and optimize your call-to-action.
  6. HTML: Add a personal touch with custom HTML code (note: script codes are not accepted). Inject additional functionality and style.
  7. Image: Showcase your visual identity with single or dual-image uploads. Add personality and flair to your bio link page.
  8. Phone Call: Enable direct phone calls by setting your phone number. Simplify communication and engagement.
  9. vCard: Share your contact details effortlessly with a downloadable vCard. Enhance user experience and connectivity.
  10. PayPal Button: Monetize your content by generating PayPal buttons for payments. Facilitate transactions seamlessly.
  11. WhatsApp Call and Message: Foster direct communication by adding buttons to initiate WhatsApp calls and send messages. Connect instantly with your audience.

Widgets: Elevate your bio link page with dynamic widgets that provide valuable functionality:

  • RSS Feed: Add a dynamic RSS feed widget to keep your audience informed.
  • Newsletter: Collect and store emails by integrating a newsletter form.
  • Contact Form: Receive emails and inquiries with an embedded contact form.
  • FAQs: Provide quick answers with a widget of questions and answers.
  • Product: Showcase products with a widget, perfect for e-commerce.
  • YouTube Video or Playlist: Embed YouTube videos or playlists seamlessly.
  • Spotify Embed: Share music or playlists with a Spotify widget.
  • Apple Music Embed: Include an Apple Music widget.
  • TikTok Embed: Embed TikTok videos for engaging content.
  • OpenSea NFT: Showcase your NFTs from OpenSea.
  • Embed Tweets: Share your latest tweets with embedded tweets.
  • SoundCloud: Add a SoundCloud track for audio content.
  • Facebook Post: Embed a Facebook post for social updates.
  • Instagram Post: Share Instagram posts with an embedded widget.
  • Typeform: Include a Typeform form for surveys and feedback.
  • Pinterest: Showcase Pinterest boards with an embedded widget.
  • Reddit: Display a Reddit profile with an embedded widget.
  • Calendly: Schedule bookings and appointments efficiently.
  • Threads: Engage your audience with Threads post display.
  • TikTok Profile: Showcase your TikTok profile with ease.

6. Social Media Links:

— Add links to your social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Connect your audience to your presence on various social platforms.

7. Design and Style:

— Customize the design and style of your bio link page. You can typically choose from various themes, fonts, colors, and background options. Make sure your page reflects your personal brand or style.

With 3 Header Layout & Many Themes Prefect For Your Brand

With Many Fonts Just to Match Your Brand

Everything is customizable

Every single Thing

8. SEO Settings (Optional):

— If available, optimize your page’s SEO settings by setting a meta title, meta description, and meta image. This helps improve your page’s visibility in search engines.

9. Privacy and Security (Optional):

— Depending on the platform, you might have privacy and security settings. You can choose to enable or disable features like password protection, sensitive content warnings, display Profile, cookie popup, share icon, branding and targeting pixels.

10. Preview Your Page:

— Before publishing, preview your bio link page to ensure it looks as you want it to.

11. Save and Publish:

— Once you’re satisfied with your bio link page’s content and design, save your changes and publish your page.

12. Share Your Bio Link:

— After publishing, you’ll receive a unique URL (e.g., for your bio link page. Share this link on your social media profiles, in your email signature, or wherever you want to direct your audience. Or QR whatever best for you❤.

13. Monitor Performance:

— Keep an eye on your bio link page’s performance through analytics section. You can analyze:-

  1. No of Clicks
  2. Unique Clicks
  3. Country
  4. Platfrom
  5. Language
  6. Browser
  7. Referrers
  8. A/B Testing

All features with graphs for better analytics.

Extra Knowledge

If you are using Newsletter widget, all the emails will be collected and available to download in csv format in DATA section.

If you are using the contact form, the message will be directly mail to your email address provided in the email box of the contact widget.

Make Sure That You Check The Spam Folder.

If you have any questions just ask on


That’s it! You’ve successfully created and customized your bio link page with Now, you can use this page to centralize your online presence and share your content and information with your audience effortlessly.

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